Our core value to clients is simple. We provide qualified, courteous court reporters who are on time, ready to perform their jobs. We deliver impeccable transcripts that meet your deadlines every time. And we do so at a market rate, with fair and transparent pricing.

That might be enough for other firms, but we go a step further. We harness the full capability of technology to deliver a full repertoire of services, allowing us to serve as your turn-key litigation support partner—from legal video to e-transcripts to mobile videoconferencing. And, yes, while Virginia is our proud home—and we cover the entire Commonwealth—we likewise are adept at handling depositions across the country and around the world.

Court Reporting

Talented, professional, courteous, and devoted to client service. Our reporters are the backbone of our superior client service. We show up on time, every time. We leap to action when your needs are the most acute. And we produce immaculate transcripts that meet your established deadlines, no excuses.

Our world-class reporters, equipped with the latest technology, enabling the following services:

  • Depositions & Arbitrations
  • Hearings & Trials
  • Telephonic Depositions
  • Internet & Interactive Realtime
  • Rough Draft Transcripts
  • Transcripts in any Format (ASCII, Amicus, PDF)
  • All Transcripts Delivered Electronically

Realtime Reporters

As reporters, we are duty-bound to deliver equal service to all parties. That said, the legal team that makes calculated use of realtime reporters have a distinct, strategic advantage. Our brilliant realtime reporters will deliver text wirelessly to your laptop or tablet.

With the text appearing before you in near-instantaneous fashion, you’re suddenly free to take fewer notes, to annotate on an actual text feed (marking testimony just by hitting the space bar). This allows you to listen more intently and to dissect testimony more effectively. You and your team can search transcripts backward and forward without missing a beat. Overall, when those key moments arrive for follow-up, you’ll be better prepared.

Hart Reporting happily supplies complimentary netbook computers or iPads to parties requesting them.

To allow realtime reporters to adequately prepare for proceedings, please supply a few days’ notice that you will require realtime.

Rough Draft Transcripts

It’s a special service that can mean all the difference in a trial or deposition, a rough-draft transcript emailed to you at the conclusion of a day’s proceedings. Many court reporters, who are perfectionists by nature, are reluctant to release anything but a proofed, certified transcript. However, if you’re willing to accept a transcript that’s not certified but that’s 90 percent accurate with some mistakes and nonsensical words, we’ll put the power of a rough-draft transcript in your hands to put today’s transcript to immediate use.

Because rough drafts may necessitate advance preparation by the court reporter, please give us prior notice for this service.

CART Captioning

Hart Reporting provides realtime captioning to serve the informational needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. This application of realtime is called “CART captioning” and is particularly beneficial to those who are late-deafened, oral deaf, hard-of-hearing, or who have cochlear implants. CART is recognized as an assistive technology that allows “effective communication access” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

CART can be useful in many environments: Classrooms, courtrooms, church services, conventions, doctor’s appointments, recreational events, or anywhere communication access is needed. Hart Reporting has been providing CART services to students at James Madison University and the University of Virginia as well as Virginia courts for many years.

“I have known Karen Hart all of my professional career. She is a perfectionist. Every transcript is exact. Every transcript is on time. I have never had any issue with her work or that of those whom she employs.

“She only hires reporters who share her attention to detail and professional conduct. They’re always ahead of the curve with technology. They’re professional, show up on time, and provide a perfect transcript in any form desired. Hart Reporting’s best value added is peace of mind.”

H. Robert Yates, III, Esquire

O'Hagan Meyer, Richmond, Virginia

“Hart Reporting has provided our firm with professional and timely services for many, many years. I highly recommend their team of skilled court reporters!”

John Zunka, Esquire

Zunka, Milnor & Carter, Charlottesville, Virginia

“Our firm has used Hart Reporting exclusively for years and they have never let us down. Their reporters are consistently prompt, professional, and accurate. They are also flexible and accommodating when deadlines change and always go above and beyond expectations to deliver the job.”

Kitt Mattingly, Esquire

Davidson & Kitzmann, PC, Charlottesville, Virginia

Video-Text Synchronization

Reading depositions at trial is not enough anymore. If you want to persuade a jury, you must be able to show ALL of the elements of communication: Vocal intonation, body language, and verbal pacing. Hart Reporting’s Legal Video Specialists won’t just record key testimony, we’ll then synchronize video with transcripts to provide you with a powerful tool. We’ll then produce a trial-ready video that allows you to show the video with the witness’ words on the screen as they are spoken (this is similar to closed-captioning on television). The deposition then becomes a compelling presentation that delivers more than words; it also demonstrates the witness’ body language and eye contact.

Electronic Transcripts

Electronic transcripts are now the industry standard, which put transcripts in your hands more quickly and more conveniently. It’s a service you should demand, but it’s also important that electronic transcripts adhere to exacting standards with regard to formatting and procedure. Hart Reporting makes use of YesLaw PDF, which not only allows us to follow such standards, but which also allows us to link exhibits directly to the transcripts.

We’re also thoroughly familiar with “E-Transcript,” so if that’s your preference, we have no problem accommodating your preference (though we’ll nudge you to consider YesLaw PDF for its capabilities).

Video Depositions

The intricacies of the legal environment require specially trained videographers both for shooting and production. Hart Reporting uses experienced, talented legal videographers to provide high-quality video services with common-sense pricing. In addition to video depositions and video-transcript synchronization, we offer a full array of services such as digital editing, courtroom playbacks, day-in-the-life shooting and production, and trial presentation. We’ll deliver the format you need. Should you need to talk about special or alternative applications of legal video, we’re all ears.

Videoconferencing Facilities

Hart Reporting and Videoconferencing offers high-definition, secure videoconferencing in both our Charlottesville and Harrisonburg conference rooms. Reduce your travel time while still communicating face-to-face with witnesses, experts, or business associates anywhere in the world. We are affiliated with worldwide networks that allow us to make all the necessary arrangements on both ends. You simply arrive for the event.

Common applications of videoconferencing include the following, but we’re happy to supply our videoconferencing facilities for any application:

  • Depositions
  • Interviews and Presentations
  • Witness/Trial Preparation
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Mediations/Arbitrations

Mobile Videoconferencing

Hart Reporting provides cutting-edge mobile videoconferencing to enable clients to reduce the time and expense of travel. The web-based product, supplied through Zoom, allows clients to connect out-of-town witnesses, experts, and attorneys via laptop or tablet through a secure Internet connection. The applications are nearly endless. It’s a breeze for anyone to use and requires no download. The video is high-quality and the connection is both secure and reliable.

Nationwide & Global Scheduling

We love Virginia, but we cover both the entire U.S. and the globe. We network with the top court reporters across the country to ensure that your out-of-town depositions have top-quality reporters and videographers and that all production is seamless. We likewise are experienced at managing and covering overseas assignments, including negotiation of the corresponding legal and cultural differences.