Hart National Court Reporters

The bar that Hart Reporting sets with regard to quality, service, and reliability is a high one. When you have depositions elsewhere in the United States, you rightfully expect the same standard. You don’t want to find out the hard way that a simple Google search has a high probability of yielding disappointing, even catastrophic, results. Our answer? Let us handle your depositions across all 50 states, Canada, and the world.

While we’re happy to hop on a plane and follow you to San Francisco, Ottawa, or London – and we do so – that’s not sometimes realistic or cost efficient. Instead, we’ll tap our national network of court reporters, videographers, and trial-support specialists whom we vet to ensure that your assignment will be covered by top professionals who answer to the same standards as Hart Reporting.

The turn-key process will look and feel the same as if you’re in Richmond, Charlottesville, or Roanoke. We’ll handle the scheduling, the transcript and/or video production, and every last detail. Just show up at your venue and expect the same service to which you’ve become accustomed when working with us in Virginia.

“We use Hart Reporting for all our medical malpractice cases. Hart provides timely, accurate, exceptional service both for video and non-video depositions. Hart covers or arranges for coverage of all our depositions both in Virginia and outside of Virginia. I highly recommend their services!”
C.J. Steuart Thomas, III, Esquire

TimberlakeSmith, Staunton, Virginia